Betting on Rainbow Six

Wha do you know when it comes to betting on Rainbow Six? Pick the best betting offer on the market.

Genre: Online Tactical Shooter
Publisher: Ubisoft Montreal

One incredible thing about first-person shooter games is how they can sustain their incredibility and timeless classic feature. You best believe that Rainbow Six is not an exception in this regard. It was released in 2015 with Ubisoft as its publisher. Rainbow Six featured a 5×5 format and a tactical first-person shooter genre.

Rainbow Six: Siege is the most recent release of the renowned Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six (R6) franchise. This game practically defines tactical shooting where players must strategize as a team to survive. All these amazing features would later bring the FPS game to the esports stage. And as such, you can easily find bets and amazing odds around from bookmakers.

Game Exciting Features

  • Operators feature: The operator characters in Rainbow Six create new, strategic possibilities. Also, each of these operators has its unique gadget function and specific loadout.
  • Destructive game elements change scenery to the player’s advantage: You can place charges on walls, floors, and doors to catch or blow enemy combatants. By so doing, you are essentially changing the environment and creating new lines of sight to guarantee survival
  • Superb sound acting as visual intelligence: With a good headset, the superb sound effect of the game can work as visual intelligence for you. 
  • Other amazing and awesome Siege features include the Kool-Aid Man, the Peek-a-Boom, the Game Over man, the Surprise Party, the Spider-Man, and the R.C. Pro-Am.

betting on rainbow six

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The specific nature and uniqueness of Rainbow Six: Siege cannot be overemphasized. The game adds an interesting feature of Operators. One interesting thing you can look forward to in the game is the multiple gameplay elements. By that, we mean those game elements like spying, attack, defense, support, among many others.

Map knowledge is key and vital instrumental to success or defeat in games like this. Also, the design of Rainbow Six simple and elegant. The map made sure to showcase all interesting zones and areas in the game. For instance, areas where your mission is to capture, hack, guard and defend, or destroy that same thing. 

The excitement and creativity in Rainbow Six are largely responsible for it making the esports stage. This is a game that accurately represents the player’s skill. How good your communication is as a team, your composition, strategies, how well capable you are when it comes to improvising. All these are perfected shown when you play Rainbow Six.

Rainbow Six Tournaments and Events 

If you mean business about betting on Rainbow Six, then you need to know exactly the where, when, and how. Furthermore, those interested in Rainbow Six betting must pay good attention to these four tournaments. They include Six Major Paris 2018, Pro League Season Finals, DreamHack Valencia 2018, and various regional tournaments.

The DreamHack tournament in Valencia has been known to feature world-renowned players. Among featured teams are ENCE, Millenium, and PENTA. For the Pro League Season finals, you will have the option of betting on Europe and/or the North America tournament.

To grasp what the excitement looks like, you can search for info on the adrenaline-inducing action that went down in the 2018 Six Invitational. It featured an interesting experience between EG and PENTA. You can rest assured that bookmakers have also tapped into these exciting tournaments to prepare interesting betting offers for you.

Rainbow Six Betting Types

Now to the most important piece you’ve been waiting to read about. What exactly are my betting options for Rainbow Six? Interestingly, there are two broad betting categories that you can explore to make some decent rewards for your predictions on Rainbow Six betting:

Outright Winning

 If you are looking for something simple and straightforward, this is your best option. Your prediction entails selecting a potential winner between two teams. This is the logic behind the naming. You outrightly predict a winning team out of two teams playing. You can stretch things by predicting the team that will win a tournament. Also, such bets are more long-term compared to predicting the winning team for a match.


 While new, beginner esports bettors will have ample opportunities with outright winning bets, this is not the case for handicap betting. Handicap betting on Rainbow Six is for more experienced bettors unless profit-making is not the objective. Furthermore, this bet has a cumulative effect in that you don’t receive your winning after getting your first prediction right. Instead, the winning goes into the next prediction in your handicap bet series.

Unique Bets Associated with Rainbow Six

Interestingly, there are some other unique and special bet options for you if you’re looking to bet on Rainbow Six. Kindly bear in mind that special bets do not factor in the outcomes of matches. Instead, these kinds of bets pay more attention to in-game occurrences. This essential feature made is so that there many ways and outcomes to bet on.

Listed below are the most common special bets you’ll find out there on Rainbow Six betting:

  • Total rounds over/under
  • Player vs. Player kills/assists
  • The player with most first kills
  • Operator vs. Operator totals
  • Correct match score

Available Rainbow Six Variants 

  • Rainbow Six (1998) 
  • Quarantine (2021) 
  • Patriots
  • Vegas (2006)
  • Vegas 2 (2008) 
  • Critical Hour
  • Lockdown (2006)
  • Raven Shield (2003)
  • Athena Sword (2004)

Conclusion: Join the party and have some quality fun

The simple truth about esports betting is that recognizing great talent in the ecosystem isn’t always that easy. This will make more sense when the topic is “most prominent teams”. For Rainbow Six, teams that will come to mind include but are not limited to Empire, G2, Spacestation Gaming, NiP, among others.

Rainbow Six have been around since 1998 and its latest franchise – Rainbow Six: Siege – has been around for 5 years. The bottom line is that there are numerous betting opportunities out there for you as far as Rainbow Six goes. So, join the party and have some quality fun!



Where can I bet on Rainbow Six? 

We’ve simplified this task for you by compiling a list of bookmakers you really should consider for your Rainbow Six betting. Check our latest bookmakers rating.

How do I troubleshoot connectivity issues in Rainbow Six: Siege? 

Always start your troubleshooting by checking your ISP and the way you share the connection speed. You can also check forwarding ports, enable UPnP, flush DNS, switch to a wired connection, and check for software conflicts.

Where is the Rainbow Six: Siege – Starter Edition?

According to Ubisoft, this is just a specific edition designed to serve as an entry point for new players. The Starter edition is now discontinued, and owners are already upgraded to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege Base Game.

Where can I stream Rainbow Six? 

Consider using Twitch TV and you have a couple of options to explore on YouTube.