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Genre: FPS
Format: 1vs1, 2vs2, 4vs4, FFA, CTF
Publisher: id Software, Saber Interactive

Quake Champions is new in the esports scene but it doing quite alright for itself already. Id Software did an incredible job with this one. It’s a collaboration work with Id Software and Bethesda Softworks. Its developer got famous for developing Doom, the 1990s first-person shooter game. Asides from the game config, there are some really interesting perks to partaking in the fun. 

Those around for Quake Championship 2017 will attest to the whopping $100,000 prize money for the overall winner. This and other interesting qualities have helped put this first-person shooter game in the spotlight. Now, home console players can’t get enough of it. Its championships and tournaments continue to attract esports fans and lovers, gamers, and bookmakers alike.

Game Exciting Features

  • Fast-paced gameplay: Quake Champions esports game runs at an amazing frame rate of 120hz, unlocked, during the tournament. This only means one thing. Dexterity defines professionalism and championship. So, if you’re squared on that part, you already have a winning edge.
  • Champions character: Quake Champions give players the chance to build up armor and weapons earned in the game. Interestingly, there are Champion characters that you can select from. These Champions have certain strengths and weaknesses.
  • Different game modes: You also have the Death Mode (DM), Capture the Flag (CTF), Team Fortress (TF), Rocket Arena (RA), and Urban Terror (UT) game modes. All these modes are created to guarantee your excitement and quality game time with Quake.
  • Upgradable, customizable armor appearance and vanity items: They come in different flavors namely Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. Players get to access them by the usual loot box-style approach. You can earn them by leveling up in the game or you can use the in-game currency to shop for your taste and preference.

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Quake Champions takes you back to the original blueprint that the original Quake series is known for. It is a return of the ferocious, fast-paced competition that set Quake aside as the first order esports game of true first-person shooter game some two decades ago. 

If you’re familiar with the previous series of Quake, then catching up with this one is no work. Quake Champions brought back these actions but with some interesting additions. It fused the incredible multiplayer mayhem of Quake III with the legendry of the first Quake. It now added a major plot twist which ushered in the Champions era.

These are fierce characters that represent warriors at your disposal. These Champions are twenty (20) in number. They include NYX, Scalebearer, Anarki, Slash, Clutch, Galena, Ranger, Visor, Sorlag, BJ Blazkowicz, Doom Slayer, Keel, Strogg & Peeker, Death Knight, Athena, and Eisen. These characters wield unique abilities and attributes. They afford players a distinctive style of competition.

Game Tournaments and Events 

We can say QuakeCon 2017 is the largest gathering for Quake enthusiasts since the release of Quake Champions. QuakeCon 2017 is the developer’s (Id Software) own tournament. QuakeCon 2017 took place in Dallas, Texas between August 24 to 27, 2017. One thing that worked in favor of Quake Champions is the $1 million prize pool of the QuakeCon 2017. 

There were some breath-taking moments in the Quake Champions tournament. One was the Duel tournament which featured a whopping $100,000 in prize money to be awarded to the winner. Players that participated in this victory included Sander “Vo0” Kaasjager, Shane “Rapha” Hendrixson, and Nikita “clawtz” Marchinsky. With a standing ovation, Belarus clawtz went away with the $100,000 prize. QuakeCon 2017 also featured renowned teams around the world also competed in the Sacrifice, team-based, 4×4 competitive mode. The winning team for this mode in QuakeCon 2017 went home with $300,000 prize money.

Besides the QuakeCon 2017, Bethesda Softworks also hosted a Quake Champions Championship in Denver. It was the very first Quake Champions Invitational with $75,000 prize money.

Quake Champions Betting Types

Given the very recent release timeline of Quake Champions in the Quake Series, there aren’t that many options to bet on Quake Champions. However, with its current attributes and profile, things are looking up and more options will come for Quake Champions betting. Nevertheless, here are your options for now if you’re considering betting on Quake Champions:

Match Winners’ Market

This is pretty simple and straightforward. For instance, to make a win, you just need to select one winner of the two teams playing an individual match. Prospective winners of this kind of best will spend more time reviewing each team’s statistics to determine their winning prospect. 

Championship Winners’ Market

Many times, you’ll hear this referred to as the futures market. This is because of the duration to get results for this type of Quake Champions betting. Simply put, you are betting on Quake Champion Championship overall winner – yea, that’s right. A tournament typically has numbers of rounds, multiple. Thus, you stand a very decent chance to win big with the long and big odds that come with this kind of betting.

Handicap Market

You are simply doing some sort of guesswork here. You are choosing which team best the other(s) and playing some bets on that premise.

Unique Bets Associated with Quake Champions

There aren’t many options in this category. Given the recent release of the game, there are only several bookmakers that offer some specials markets. With the special’s markets, you can predict the Correct Score of a certain Quake Champions match and place your bet accordingly. 

For specials markets, you will have your shot with QuakeCon and the Quake Champions Invitational.

Available Quake Champions Variants 

  • Death Mode (DM)
  • Capture the Flag (CTF) 
  • Team Fortress (TF) 
  • Rocket Arena (RA)
  • Urban Terror (UT)

Conclusion: Join the Action with your favorite Champion

With Champions like Ranger and Doom Slayer, you are guaranteed exciting gameplay with Quake Champions. Also, the game has a reputable developer, and some tournaments create substantial betting opportunities for you.

With a game that has a 120hz unlocked frame rate and intense game modes, you are a decent chance to get the best returns on your bets and predictions.



Where can I stream Quake Champions? 

You can join the Quake Champions streamers community on Twitch TV. You can also keep your options open by streaming on YouTube.

Where can I bet on Quake Champions?

You need to have in mind that the game hasn’t been around for that long. However, we’ve done the hard part of the homework for you. We’ve compiled a list of bookmakers to consider for betting on Quake Champions.

How long does the Quake Champions season last? 

Bethesda announced that season 1 will last 3 months long.

How can I unlock Champions? 

Bethesda has announced that after the December update, players will be able to use in-game currency (Shards) to unlock Champions. Although you can still unlock your favorite Champions with Platinum.