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Genre: Battle Royale
Publisher: PUBG Corporation, KRAFTON

The PlayerUnknown Battleground is a virtual multiplayer game with features of a survival simulator devised by Bluehole and distributed via Steam. Brendan Green created the idea of PUBG with the pseudonym PlayerUnknown, which was unknown to many gamers at that time. For another famous title on the Steam network, he created a “Battle Royale” modification that players love. PUBG features every iota of excitement that lovers of online battle games can ever crave, even when they bet online. There is no argument about PUBG deserving its attention in the world of esports because of its reputation. But, before telling you about betting on PUBG, let’s talk about the game itself.

Game Exciting Features

  • Multiplayer mode: When it comes to PlayerUnknown Battleground, the multiplayer mode makes the game even more competitive, and that’s an exciting aspect. 
  • Metro Royale mode: This is a new feature in the latest upgrade. This mode features various super cool options and even a black market.
  • Frag grenade animation: Lovers of good quality graphics will be ecstatic about what this game has to offer with the Frag grenade animation.
  • Anti-cheat feature: Nothing beats fairness all the way, especially when you want to bet on PUBG. There is a brand new anti-cheat feature in PUBG.
  • esports: Betting on PUBG has become a reality with some tournaments to try out and bet on.
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The gameplay idea of PlayerUnknown Battleground (also known as PUBG) is quite simple but very enjoyable and fun to watch. Players in this esports start a match at various points of the map and then proceed to fight for survival. PUBG players need to gather weapons and battle equipment as they gradually move on to the continuously narrowing safe zone. As the players battle to stay alive, they must kill the opponents on their way or die. 

Ultimately, playing PUBG requires a player to be at alert as they can be if they must progress. The more opponents you are able to kill, the greater your winning chances as your edge closer to the finish. The most reliable way to make money from PUBG betting is to understand the gameplay and study the teams.  The rules of PUBG are so comfortable; you’ll be surprised.

PUBG Tournaments and Events

Bluehole launched a Charity Invitational event in 2017 to celebrate the game reaching two million copies purchased at the time. The company invited over 128 players to compete over the official Twitch channel raising funds for the Gamers Outreach Foundation. This includes Bluehole supporting all donations leading up to US$ 100,000 for the event. In early May 2017, the competition ran and actually raised US$ 120,000 via viewers along with Bluehole’s US$ 100,000

For solo competitors, different events of two-player teams with a first-person viewpoint, two-player teams, and four-player groups were held.  With PUBG tournaments, there is a chance to get rewarded for your enthusiasm by betting on PUBG matches and competitions. By studying competing teams and studying the odds during the tournament, players get a winning chance. With the different available tournaments, professionals get an opportunity to test their skills. 

The prize pool for PUBG tournaments is cool as well.

PUBG Betting Types

Right now, on PUBG betting, Outrights is the largest market on offer (the primary reason is the style of matches). Eight matches with seven winners made up the recent IEM Oakland, demonstrating how unpredictable and fortunate victory can be here. Digital Chaos tried squeezing off two out of eight wins in the remaining games but finished outside the top 10. It is impossible to incorporate other markets such as handicaps or totals as the game is too volatile

Sometimes a PUBG team can win with almost no kills, and sometimes with 10 + kills, they can win. Before developing a format, method, and way of play, bettors mostly rely on open markets for major events. Bettors must know how the outcome of PUBG betting can be affected by various playing styles and tactics. The smartest way to engage in PUBG betting is to study every game and competitor.


Unique bets associated with PUBG

Betting on PUBG may seem quite limited when you consider how the betting market is mainly dependent on tournaments. However, there are a few unique ways to bet on PUBG.


In this PUBG betting round, players use their skins and loot as a bet to build an aggregate jackpot for all. The odds are determined by the value of the things you bet, with more substantial wagers increasing your winning chances. For deciding a winner here, a random spin or number generator is used based on those odds. The jackpot (the wagered things minus a rake from all players) belongs to the winner, with none for the losers. 

Flip Coin

Players with a 50 percent probability of winning centered on a coin flip bet head-to-head. This may be for skins, crates, or a certain quantity of coins.

These are only two unique ways to bet on PUBG.

Available PUBG variant

There are no extra variants for PUBG available at the time of creating this guide. However, it is possible to have some skin changes and a few other extra touches. 

Conclusion: Get Playing and Betting

PUBG is not yet two years old, but about 25 million copies of it have been sold worldwide. It is the second-best-selling game of all time, by most ratings. Even though the PUBG betting market is not open without a tournament, there are other ways to enjoy PUBG betting. Overall, PUBG is exciting for the viewer and bettors when there is an ongoing competition.



Where can I bet on PUBG?

To enjoy good betting action, you need to place bets with top online bookies. We gathered the best bookmakers for you to choose.

How do I bet on PUBG?

If there are no tournaments to bet on PUBG, then Jackpot, crash, roulette, and coin flip options are available. Whichever option you choose, PUBG betting requires you to be smart.

Who is the richest PUBG player?  

The richest player of PUBG presently is an Indian named Yash Soni, popularly called Viper. This player has thousands of fans who subscribe to view his gaming via his youtube channel.

Where can I stream PUBG?

While there is a boatload of places where PUBG enthusiasts can view tournaments, people prefer two main places. The preferred viewing platforms for PUBG are Twitch and Youtube