Betting on Call of Duty

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Genre: First-Person Shooter(FPS)
Format: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Cooperative
Publisher: Activision, Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Nokia

Call of duty reminds us that action and fun is every esports lover’s dream even though the reward is a factor.  Call of Duty is Activision’s first-person shooter series of video games that has found its way into every gamers’ hearts. The game was first on Microsoft Windows, but its subsequent editions were for handhelds and consoles as well. Originally, esports tournaments were only on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. However, other versions have come onboard.

Once players get the hang of it, betting on Call of Duty may just be one of your favorite things.

Game Exciting Features

  • Multiplayer mode: The primary Call of Duty feature that makes it so popular with eSports enthusiasts is the multiplayer mode
  • Action and design: call of duty is also famous among fans for its strategically designed maps and super fast-paced action
  • Real treat to watch: Call of Duty players enjoy loads of abilities as they are equipped with jetpacks and tools.  Also, players can jump up and down the walls and try various cool stunts, which makes it a treat to watch.
  • Call of duty tournament: Players who feel skilled enough can compete during the tournaments and possibly win a grand prize.

betting on call of duty

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In terms of how to play call of duty, you will find two separate teams with four players each. Each group of four will have to go into an action-packed battle for the win against one another. They fight these battles in a series of modes and maps, and the team with the highest points wins. Typically, every team begins the game with 2 support players as well as 2 so marksmen or slayers.

The marksmen or slayers are not useless are they are the ones who get to make most of the killing. There is also a wide range of weapons to explore, like grenades or rifles, which all have a unique purpose. In terms of the game’s maps, it is a good idea to have some good map knowledge before playing. Players can take advantage of their familiarity with a map to increase their chances of winning.

Call of Duty Tournaments and Events

Asides call of duty betting, the coolest thing about the game for some call of duty enthusiasts is the tournament. The largest Call of Duty tournament before 2015 was the Call of Duty Championship, also called the Champs. The tournament hosted by the game’s developer and publisher Activision and many call of duty players could participate. However, once it was 2016, this tournament experienced a slight change and was renamed Activision’s World League.

As the new name suggests, the tournament has become a global league competition. Competitors from three regions of the globe, namely Europe, North America, and Australia and New Zealand, can participate. The best teams from all of these regional leagues eventually qualify to battle in the final tournament.  Usually, the Call of Duty Championship final takes place in Los Angeles, USA, and boasts a grand prize of $3 million. $1.6 million is handed out in the finals.

Call of Duty Betting Types

There are four major types of Call of Duty betting markets available, and they are individually potentially rewarding to bettors. The Call of Duty betting markets includes: 

Match winner market

The most common market on which most Call of Duty betting is done is the match-winner one. Here, bettors get to stake on the team they hope would emerge the winner.

Outright winner market

An Outright Winner market involves a type of bet where you stake on the result of an entire tournament. Which means you do not bet on just a game between two teams.

Handicap market

Handicap betting is often used to even the contest when you perceive strength differential between competing opponents. Despite how popular this betting method has become, many bettors do not understand it.

Specials markets

A special bet is quite out of the ordinary. This kind of call of duty bet can be on anything from what team takes the lead and so on.

Unique Bets Associated with Call of Duty

There are a plethora of ways to bet on Call of Duty, but sometimes bettors may want more opportunities. The good news is that you may increase your winning odds when betting on Call of Duty via unique bets. We all agree that Call of Duty is a very different game, and it boasts of unparalleled quirks and features. Players can often find some exclusive betting opportunities that can’t be found in other sports. 

Unique bet on Call of Duty includes who will score a knife kill, and who will win the first round. Other unique bets are the number of submachine rifle kills, of maps won by a certain team, and so forth. number

If you want to bet on Call of Duty, do well to look out for the listed unique betting options.

Available Call of Duty variant

  • World War II games
  • Warfare games
  • Black Ops story arc
  • Standalone installment

Conclusion: Strap up and Place those Bets

Whether you choose to play or bet on Call of Duty, there is a guarantee of satisfaction all the way. There are various chances to show your Call of Duty skills, including playing at a tournament and possibly winning. With a game this unique, it is no shocker that there are special ways to bet on Call of Duty.

There are tons of features to love, as well as a range of variants to try.




Where can I place bets on Call of Duty?

We have researched the top picks for online bookies offering Call of Duty Betting. For the best experience, visit our website to choose the best bookmaker.

How many Call of Duty versions are available?

There are 4 major series of Call of Duty, but there are other versions to try. For those who love to play on handheld devices, that too is now possible. 

Is Call of Duty a good esports game?

Call of duty is easily the best esports games there is. What makes a game such as call of duty exciting is the gameplay, and the developers did well.

Should I bet on Call of Duty?

Betting on Call of Duty is a choice, but if you're feeling lucky, of course, you can. However, it is safer to understand the game before you place a bet. 

Where can I Stream Call of Duty? 

Twitch allows people stream Call of Duty esports with additional commentary with screen overlays or only gameplay. MLG is the primary organizer of the Call of Duty World League, so they broadcast events live via