Betting on Artifact

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Genre: Digital collectible card game
Format: 1x1
Publisher: Valve Corporation

There’s good news for all esports lovers who are on the lookout for new games to kick up the excitement. Artifact can easily be described as one of the most sought after esport games that were released by November 2019. Unlike what you may expect if you must judge by the title, this one is a super exciting card game. Nothing beats being able to play a game that seems so simple, yet, so rewarding on your smartphone.

If you are looking forward to betting on artifacts, this guide will be the perfect place to learn about it.

Game Exciting Features

  • Great odds: With artifact betting, gamblers can rest assured that they will be able to access great odds.
  • Action and design: For a card game, anyone who plays or engages in artifact betting will enjoy the action and design.
  • Multiplayer mode: With Artifact, the main focus in the multiplayer mode which will be beneficial to pro players. Professional players will be able to compete with live other competitors whenever they want.
  • Artifact tournament: Though a lot of players are yet to take advantage of artifact betting, there are tournaments to also benefit from.

betting on artifact

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In the game of Artifact, there are a total of four cards colored Green, blue, red, black, and gold cards. Apart from the colors on the cards, the cards are also of different types, including heroes, creeps, spells, and improvements. The four colors of the cards come with unique heroes, some of which players must combine to form a deck.  These are the basic elements of the card game, and going far enough to win depends on how you play.

There are different ways that people can play this unique card game, and each of those ways is quite straightforward. Here, every player is expected to build a deck from their collection which they will use in the match. There is also a Limited mode from where you can build a deck, and it’s comparable to Draft in Magic. Because the gameplay is easy and exciting, fun is guaranteed.  

Artifact Tournaments and Events

Aside from betting on Artifact, another good way to make money off this game is taking part in the tournaments. An announcement was made about a competitive Artifact tournament sometime in 2018 with a massive $10,000 prize pool. There was also a $2m prize pool tournament with a $1m prize up for the winner expected in 2019.

If 2020 had moved as planned, there was meant to be a $1,000,000 Artifact tournament by 2020’s first quarter. 

The tournament was set to feature three ‘lanes’, or boards, which would make the game the deepest and most unique.  Also, the game may not have been anything like we have seen in other card game tournaments, which is amazing. With such a massive prize to be won in a single tournament, fans of eSports and other games are excited. There is hope for other tournaments to pop up in the nearest future.

Artifact Betting Types

The esports betting industry has done well to set up some great betting platforms for Artifact betting. Markets that you can expect as you plan to bet on artifacts include:

The match-winner

Just like in a lot of familiar games, you can expect a place for a match-winner bet in the mix. Here all you have to do is gamble who wins at the end of a specific match.

The first tower to be destroyed

As the name of this Artifact betting type suggests, the bettor stakes on the tower that gets destroyed first. This may be an uncommon but interesting betting option to look out for when betting on Artifact.

The overall tournament winner

Betting on the overall tournament winner would mean betting on a team you consider likely to emerge the overall winner. Engaging in this method of Artifact betting requires a lot of patience.

Unique Bets Associated with Artifact Betting

Artifact betting may be so much fun and undeniably thrilling, but the fact remains that it is still pretty new. Of course, just like every other esports card game out there, you can expect certain common methods of artifact betting. This is not to say that there is no room anywhere in the game for unique bets. However, this will require a lot of patience from lovers of artifact betting as the future is promising on this one.

One good thing about unique bets is that they can sometimes be your lucky charm and up your winning chances. While you await the possible introduction of unique bets into the mix, it’s best to take advantage of available options. As with every game, the most useful tip when it comes to artifact betting is to understand the game. Once you know what’s going on, it’s easy to decide what bet to choose.

Available Artifact variant

Artifact is not so old in the gaming space, so there are no variants available at the moment

Conclusion: Enjoy the Fun along with the Bets

If you are a card game enthusiast and wish to try something with a fresh feel, this is the game. Artifact betting requires a thorough study of the card game and what is at stake, but it is potentially rewarding. Though there are no variants out there for you to try right now, the current version of Artifact is fun.

There are tournaments for artifacts to try, and the prize pool promises to be reasonable. 



Where can I place bets on Artifact?

Placing bats on Artifacts can be done with top online esports bookmakers. We have researched the top sites worth your time and money. Find the best option in this article.

How many Artifacts versions are available?

There is only one version of artifact available for you to play on in the present time. However, there is hope for some variants in the not so far future.

Is Artifact better than Dota 2?

Artifact is like an advanced version of Dota 2, so it is up to the player to decide. However, it is advisable to play Artifact before you make a decision.

Should I bet on Artifact?

Betting on Artifact is a really great idea, especially for fans of card games. Once a player knows how and what to bet on, nothing stops him from betting now.

Where can I stream Artifact? 

People who are interested in Streaming Artifact can do so on Twitch esports directory. While many players will want an alternative streaming option, there is a chance to also view on Youtube.