Betting on World of Tanks

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Genre: Warfare Simulator
Publisher: Wargaming

World of Tanks is an online, massively multiplayer game that Wargaming made, developed, and released. The game first joined the eSports community in 2012 with the World Cyber Games. It is free for all to play, but also has premium features purchased in-game. Considering only the aspect where World of Tanks is available for free play will shut you out of the excitement. There is so much interesting stuff locked in this multiplayer game, and you can even bet on World of Tanks. Futhermore, to find out exciting features and how best you can bet on World of Tanks, read further.

Game Exciting Features

  • Multiplayer action: There’s no other superb way to enjoy the World of Tanks action that in a competition, like multiplayer action provides.
  • Superb War Action: Lovers of war action are sure to get a premium version of the battle whenever they play World of Tanks
  • In-game purchases: When the basic action doesn’t seem exciting enough, there is a chance to purchase other cool features in the game.
  • Different game modes: Nothing like getting bored with a single game mode as there are several to try in the World of Tanks.
  • eSports: World of Tanks betting is possible especially when a World of Tanks tournament is ongoing.

Betting on World of Tanks

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The game is an exciting fighting arena with tanks battling it out in World War 2 scenery-styled maps from the past.  A player controls one armored vehicle (tanks of light, medium, or heavyweight, tank destroyer, and self-propelled gun).  Players control where it goes, where it shoots, and can also communicate via chat with teammates, by voice or writing. When all the opposition vehicles have been destroyed or when their base has collapsed, matches are won. 

There are several game modes here, and each has a set of maps that are unique in their way. However, the most critical part of the game for gamers is the gameplay of a player against a player. This fight scene is also the basis for any match in the World of Tanks eSports. The rules are easy to grasp, but if you are not into wild war action, you may get overwhelmed.

World of Tanks Tournaments and Events

The League is the World of Tanks’ greatest tournament when it comes to eSports. It is being held in 4 regions of the world. Except for North America, which has 10, every region has 12 teams participating. The prize pool fixed for the tournament is a massive $300,000 which is larger than what most tournaments offer. 

The regional tournament is split into two separate phases. 8 teams advance and remain in the competition in the first round.  The rest of the teams will have to face off against each other in the second phase of the tournament. The League’s culmination is the finals where the strongest fight to be the champion of their regions. As a result, all of the tournament games are played in the best of nine sets.

If you think about betting on World of Tanks, the best time to access great odds is during the tournament.

World of Tanks Betting Types

For gamblers who prefer an eSports match that requires carefully measured risk-taking, World of Tanks is a common option. Also, for this heavily armored game, there are 4 major markets on offer. The markets include the handicap market, the match-winning market, the market for outright winners plus the special market:

The match-winning market

This World of Tanks betting market simply requires you to stake a bet on any team to win a match.

Handicap market

This betting market is much like the match-winner option, only that one team gets an advantage from a bookmarker.

The market for outright winners

This World of Tanks betting market requires betting on a team to win the overall tournament.

Special market

The special betting market in this game comes in various forms. The betting options in this category depend on the gameplay.

Unique Bets Associated with World of Tanks

In reality, they are a series of different betting markets to select from. These unique bets include a particular map winner, Total Number of Kills, Right Score, First Blood, Over/Under, and several others. These markets are more dependent on the bettor’s luck. This is especially true about the coin flip markets, where it’s a 50 percent chance of one of two results. 

The First Blood betting market

Here, a punter must predict which group will get the first kill over an enemy tank.

 The Over/Under bet 

Here, the betting aficionado can choose whether a map will be played for a short or long period.

These two unique bets are amongst those commonly given by the bookmakers that allow special bets. While the other World of Tanks bets are equally great, these two are some of the more popular special markets. World of Tanks betting special market is worth a try.

Available World of Tanks Variant

There are no variants for the World of Tanks available for now. However, if you would like to change vehicles, there are a few variants of those. 

Conclusion: Get into the World of Tanks Action

World of Tanks makes war so much fun, especially with how rewarding the World of Tanks betting can be. The gameplay is one to look out for if you are bold enough to compete. However, it pays to study the World of Tanks before you get in on the action or bet on a team. If you feel like you’ve become a pro, there’s the option of taking part in a World of Tanks tournament.



Where can I bet on World of Tanks?

There is a range of bookmakers that allow betting on the World of Tanks. Check our latest eSports Bookmakers Rating.

Which World of Tanks vehicle is best for you? 

Depending on what you want from a tank and how you can control it, there are lots to pick from. All the vehicles are unique, and players mostly find a good one.

Can I play World of Tanks for real money?  

Yes, any person can play World of Tanks for real money. That is why there are rewarding tournaments for this esport, and there is a World of Tanks betting.

Where to stream World of Tanks? 

World of Tanks is available for streaming on youtube and twitch. Nevertheless, the most loved streaming option for the World of Tanks is twitch.