Betting on Warcraft 3

Ready to bet on Warcraft 3? Here’s a list of betting sites who offer betting on Warcraft 3 esports.

Genre: Real-time strategy(RTS)
Format: Single Campaign, Multiplayer
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

Among the favorite esports games in the bettors’ world is Warcraft 3. The game is developed and released by one of the very popular developers. In July 2002, Blizzard Entertainment released its third game in its Warcraft franchise to the world. North America got the release on July 3, 2002, while Europe got it two days after. The game has been around for a long while and still enjoying considerable attention on the esports stage. Professionals players and teams are still featuring in its pro tournaments, which continue to play across times. Warcraft 3 creates favorable betting opportunities, but before telling you about betting on Warcraft, let’s talk about the game itself.

Game Exciting Features

  • Custom games and world building: More streaming of competitive play and competitions centered around the newly repackaged Warcraft 3. 
  • New cutscenes and fleshed out storyline: The truth is that a deeper and more interesting storyline adds to the campaign experience.
  • New Heroes and Hero system (new skins): There are now new heroes from races that have never before been used in Warcraft 3. There are now female variants of heroes. An example is Demon Hunter. They’re also more customization options.
  • Relevance in esports and competitive play: An increase in the hype around Warcraft 3 and the franchise itself, thus leading to more streaming of competitive play.

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The Reign of Chaos is the real deal as far as Warcraft 3 goes; The Frozen Throne is just the expansion pack to the Reign of Chaos. We pointed this out because gameplay and objectives are a little different between the two. 

For Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos, your objective as a player is to seek and achieve the destruction of all buildings under the jurisdiction of your opponent player. This mission must be balanced with the responsibility of protecting and guarding buildings under your control as well. The simple reason being that its destruction is your opponent’s ultimate objective too. 

To achieve your mission more efficiently and effortlessly, you get to choose your team by making a selection from four races namely: Human, Night Elf, Orc, and Undead.

Once you’ve selected the races from which you’ll form your team, next thing is to select a map. From there you will surf through a series of builds and you will be ready to take on your enemy. The highest winners get the chance of being invited to tournaments or even the finals.

Warcraft 3 Tournaments and Events 

Warcraft 3 has been around since 2002. The implication of this for the betting market is that you can rest assured of many betting opportunities from bookmakers. If you are a Warcraft 3 enthusiast or just looking for suitable esports that provide enough betting options and market, then this is a good pick.

There are quite a several tournaments and events for Warcraft 3. But let’s look at some of the most popular ones that create the most betting opportunities and gaming excitement. There is the Premier Individual Tournament. The Premier Individual Tournaments often feature professional players from all around the world. These tournaments are often played offline and are sponsored by renowned franchises within communities. Examples include the World Cyber Games and the WGL 2019 Summer Grand Finals. 

Other Warcraft 3 tournaments include the Electronic Sports World Cup, the World eSports Games, the International eSports Festival, and the World Series of Video Games. 

Warcraft 3 Betting Types

Given the number of years it has been in play, Warcraft 3 has managed to increase in popularity. This has a tremendous positive implication on the involvement of bookmakers and betting sites on it. There are quite several betting markets that you can explore as far as Warcraft three goes. We make some few explaining on them here:

Match Winners Market

This is the easiest market to understand and features lots of beginner bettors. If any esports game should have a betting market also, you’ll probably find this market at the very least. Essentially, you are betting on your prediction regarding which of the two teams playing will emerge as the winner at match end.

Handicap Market

 This has the major premise of the match winners’ market with a very small twist. There is a starting advantage of +1.5 or +2.5 that one of the two teams playing will receive.

Futures or Outright Winners Market

This market is relatively longer in term. You are betting on your prediction regarding which team or player will win a specific tournament.

Unique Bets associated with Warcraft 3

There is also a special market in Warcraft 3. So, if those three betting markets we explained earlier aren’t cutting it for you, you can venture into the special market and explore your options. This often includes more specific and advanced predictions.

The truth is that you will often find advanced and pro bettors in this market. Novice or beginner bettors playing the special market are probably feeling too excited or just wanted to have a taste of the action. The specials markets often include bets like Correct Score, Number of Kills (Over/Under), among others.

The simple truth with the specials markets is that it takes a considerable amount of resources to get to make these predictions. Only a true and professional Warcraft 3 fan will be able to correctly predict the portion of these specials markets that will eventually result in profit. Thus, proceed carefully with this market.

Available Variants of Warcraft 3

  • Warcraft III: Orcs and Human
  • Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

Conclusion: Get Strapped for Battle

If you are looking to be successful betting on Warcraft, then here are the three-piece of advice you really should consider taking. One, learn how to play the game. Warcraft 3 betting becomes a lot easier when you have an idea of gameplay. Two, check previous stats and events and team up with a winning player or team. Third, look out for personal changes in team rosters and modify your plan accordingly. These things affect results to a considerable extent.



Where can I bet on Warcraft 3?

We’ve taken care of that aspect for you. We’ve done the homework and compiled a list of bookmakers you can consider for your next Warcraft 3 betting.

Where can I stream Warcraft 3? 

You can always switch to Twitch TV and Mixer to stream Warcraft 3. You may also sometimes get some streaming options on YouTube.

What are the modes available for Warcraft 3? 

With Warcraft 3, you get both single-player and multiplayer.