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Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena(MOBA)
Publisher: Super Evil Megacorp, Rogue Games, NetEase Inc

Vainglory is a relatively recent multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) developed by Super Evil Megacorp and play on mobile devices. This game has established itself as the most successful mobile esport with visuals and gameplay rivaling PC and console games.To make a different sort of video game, SEM did its utmost. Vainglory can only be enjoyed on your mobile device, and it’s almost incredible to be this hi-tech. Vainglory changed the concept of mobile esports. If you’d like to try vainglory betting, you can do so after reading this straightforward guide. Betting on Vainglory is not so popular as betting on Data 2 or LoL, but some bookies offering interesting markets from time to time.

Game Exciting Features

  • Multiplayer modes: Of course, the first thing to expect from any multiplayer online battle arena offering is a multiplayer mode feature. Even though Vainglory is tailored for mobile play, more than one player can enjoy it.
  • Great graphics: Vainglory is a very catchy offering at first sight. This is because SEM, the developer of this offering, put in a lot of work in delivering amazing graphics.
  • Mobile compatibility: The most loved vainglory feature is its mobile compatibility. It was specifically designed for android, iOS, and Ipad
  • Esports: Vainglory is a highly competitive esport, so it is not surprising that there are tournaments and competitions.

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Gambling guide

The idea of playing Vainglory is close to that of the League of Legends (LoL), another common sport. The key difference is that you game on an Apple or Android touch-screen interface rather than playing on a monitor. 

Two teams battle each other, each attempting to take out the turrets of the other. Finally, they destroy the giant crystal concealed deep within the base of the enemy. A magical material called “vain” fills the crystal with itself. 

There’re miniature objectives to the enemy base; these targets begin during the first four minutes of Vainglory. These priorities involve taking charge of at least two of the mining mines that are opening up. Controlling minion mines provides extra strength to your minions. 

There’s also a treasure trove that needs defending, and that helps you to continue purchasing new skills and item upgrades. This is quite fun to play.

Vainglory Tournaments and Events

Vainglory was created primarily to be a successful export. There are still open calls, however for any team that wishes to play in tournaments. The VGL Challenger Series is offered by the Vainglory League, which encompasses North America, Europe, and South America. The famous Vainglory League is a single-elimination tournament of 32 teams.  

Redbull even got in on the action at Vainglory. It hosted the Vainglory Winter Championship back in March 2016. This championship was a three-day North American event that had a $25,000 prize pool. 

As Vainglory’s popularity increases, it is certain that tournaments and prize pools will increase accordingly. 

The best time to engage in vainglory betting is when a tournament is on. There is usually a range of betting options during such times, making it possible for bettors to make favorable choices. Vainglory tournaments can also be streamed live in case enthusiasts are in for live viewing.

Vainglory Betting Types

For betting fans, Vainglory betting features a lot of different choices. These choices range from match-winning markets and handicap opportunities to outright winners and betting specials. Vainglory betting markets are open to almost all legitimate betting operators, so you can find the best one for you. Let’s look at all the different kinds of markets you can bet on. 

Match winner bet

This method of Team Vainglory betting is quite easy and doubles as the most patronized. To bet on Vainglory with match winner bet, a bettor stakes money on a team to win a match. 

Handicap bet

Comparing it to the match winner’s one may be the best way to describe the Vainglory betting handicap market. Here, you bet on one team to win while giving the other an edge over your selected team.

Outright winner bet

Here, you bet on a team to emerge winner of the whole tournament.

Unique Bets Associated with Vainglory

The final mode of betting at the fingertips of punters is the market for specials. This market involves several different bets that are often seen as more unique, attracting a more specialized group of gamblers. Wagering choices include Map 1 or Map 2 winner, First Blood, Correct Match Score, and Correct Map Score.

Other options include First to a certain number of Kills, and Odd / Even Number of Kills. You may find options like Team to Win at Least 1 Map and several others in these special markets.

Not all bookmarkers will allow you access to Vainglory betting special markets, but good ones are not hard to find.

Available vainglory variants

There are no variants available for Vainglory; nevertheless, there is a possibility for cross-platform compatibility if you don’t like mobile play.

Conclusion: Get Competitive for Glory

The trick to beating the oddsmakers when betting on Vainglory is to be an expert in the game. The best medium to do that is to play. As you may have figured out, one of the inexpensive games to start playing is Vainglory. Once you study how the gameplay works, you’ll find it easy to decide how betting on Vainglory should go.

Have fun and get competitive as you play and bet on Vainglory.



Where can I bet on Vainglory?

If you want to enjoy good betting markets on Vainglory, we have researched the best bookies in terms of important criteria. Kindly sign up with 1,2, or3 to place your bets.

Can I bet on Vainglory?

Yes, any interested person can bet on Vainglory whenever they want. It's a smart idea to bet on Vainglory mostly when the tournament is on as there's a range of options.

Where can I stream Vainglory? 

Just like several esports out there, you can stream Vainglory on platforms like twitch and youtube. When tournaments are on, you can watch it live.