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Genre: RST
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

StarCraft 2 is a Real-time Strategy (RTS) esports game. It was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was the official sequel to the original StarCraft and was released for Windows and Mac OS X on July 27, 2010. StarCraft 2 has set the stage and continues to gain its fair share of popularity in esports.  Between 2016 and 2019, the StarCraft 2 spotlight tournaments and events would be the Global StarCraft II League in Korea and the World Championship Series Circuit which practically happen everywhere else. It has been around for a while and as a result, there are established betting markets for enthusiasts to make some amazing returns betting on StarCraft 2.

 Game Exciting Features

  • Three species to pick from for your unit: Protoss are peculiarly known for their ability to deliver massive damage with high production costs. Terrans match-high mobility and impressive defense with less effective damage intensity. The Zerg are known for efficiency as they produce low units at low costs but resulting damage intensity is low.
  • Amazing tournaments and events: You have the World Championship Series (WCS), Invitationals, Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) tournament Series, among others.
  • A Six-figure first-place prize: Unlike its competitions, SC2’s largest tournament can occasionally offer as high as a six-figure prize for first place winners.
  • Different game modes: You have Campaign, Cooperative, or Archon mode

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StarCraft 2 gameplay has quite an interesting plot. It’s a real-time strategy game where the player’s success is dependent on their ability to coordinate and multitask. It is a one to one game affair and it is played over three to five different maps. The first player to win either two or three of the game maps is declared as the winner.

Each StarCraft 2 match starts with the player’s decision on which species will form his unit. There are three species that players can choose from Protoss, Terran, and Zerg. Each of these species has its peculiar abilities, aesthetic, merits, and demerits. Once you pick your team, your next objective is setting out to collect resources to build your base and take on your enemy.

You start each StarCraft 2 match with your base and your 12 workers. Your ultimate goal is to destroy the enemy base. Remember that this is your enemy’s goal as well, so you must match this task with the responsibility of protecting your base, lest your enemy wins.

StarCraft 2 Tournaments and Events 

StarCraft has earned itself the title of the most successful esport in the world. For tournaments, the StarCraft 2 World Championship Series is the deal. This is hosted by Blizzard Entertainment itself and it’s a league that every StarCraft 2 enthusiast looks forward to every year.

Some info about its structure. The StarCraft 2 World Championship is split into three separate regions all around the world. In each of these regions where it takes place, players gets WCS points. These points provide the blueprint for who will be pronounced as the winner.

Not all StarCraft 2 tournaments and events carry the WCS flag. There are some other StarCraft 2 events around the world where player participants are afforded the privilege to earn points. A few of these tournaments include the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) and DreamHack Open, the ASUS ROG, Red Bull Battlegrounds, and Homestory Cup. 

In each of these tournaments, there are top 16 players in order of the number of points by each. These 16 players for each tournament qualify and partake in the Global Finals at BlizzCon. Here, the prize pool is up to $250,000. 

StarCraft 2 Betting Types

You need not worry about this because there are substantial markets for StarCraft 2 betting. Owing to its popularity in its genre and the Esports stage, the game has positioned itself in a good spotlight that bookmakers just can’t resist. Here are your options to bet on StarCraft 2:

Match Winner

This implies that you are simply betting on the outcome of the match. The name of the species you choose will determine the name of your base. The three naming conventions are Command Center (Terrans), Nexus (Protoss), and Hatchery (Zerg). All you have to do is a prediction which team will take out the other team’s base by the end of the match. This StarCraft 2 betting type goes by other names: Money Line, Straight, Head to Head, etc. 

Outright Winner Market

 If a bookmaker will have any market for an esports game, you can count on the outright winner market. What this bet type means is that you are placing your bet on predictions made for the overall winner of the SC2 tournament. This is different from betting individual SC2 matches. 

Handicap Market

If you are a professional or just feeling lucky, you can upgrade your StarCraft 2 betting from the simplistic outright winner, one-prediction market. The handicap market simply rolls over your winning from one prediction to another. There is a huge payout with this kind of bet but winning it also is not as straightforward as the outright winner market.

Unique Bets Associated with StarCraft 2

Map Winner

 Recall that there are between three to five different maps in SC2. Recall also that the player to first win two or three maps wins the game. Thus, this bet simply means that you are placing a bet on which player wins each of these individual maps.

Correct Map Score

You are placing on bet on predicting the correct scoreline for your preferred SC2 match. for instance, you can place a bet that your favorite player will win a particular SC2 match with a scoreline of 3-1 in your player’s favor. 

Available Variants of StarCraft

  • Wings of Liberty
  • Heart of the Swarm
  • Legacy of the Void.

Conclusion: The Verdict

Here is a lowdown on StarCraft 2. This RTS game is extremely complex. Its  is well-felt by players and spectators alike. There is a high barrier to entry and the learning curve is not an easy one. Conversely, this makes it a juicy option for bookmakers, thus implying lots of betting offers. 

If you are seriously looking to make some money betting on StarCraft 2, then you will need a good commentator for your viewership. You will also need to get familiar and keep the company of good, outstanding players. You can find a list of SC2 resources.



Where can I bet on StarCraft 2?

To enjoy StarCraft 2 betting action, you need to place bets with top online bookies. Check our latest bookmakers rating.

Where can I stream StarCraft 2?

 You can stream StarCraft II tournaments and events like IEM Katowice on Twitch tv and Mixer. You might also get some streaming chance on YouTube.

Are platforms available for StarCraft 2?

 As of the time of this writing, you can enjoy StarCraft 2 on Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS, Mac OS, and Nintendo 64.

What other details should I know about StarCraft 2? 

Blizzard Entertainment developed and published it. It’s part of the StarCraft series. Its genre is Real-Time Strategy (RTS) and it has two modes namely: single-player and multiplayer.