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Genre: Thirst-person MOBA
Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios, Level Up! Games

For players who have been around for a while, the two most popular games in the MOBA genre are League of Legends and Dota 2. The only issue here is that these two games employ the isometric camera perspective. This was the real deal of the 1990s and early 2000s. Consequently, young and new generation players often find it a bit uneasy, given the camera perspective. This is where Smite comes in and even the scores. Smite is also in the genre of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). It runs Unreal Engine 3. Instead of Smite using an isometric camera perspective like other MOBA games, it offers players something different. Smite offers a balanced and well-designed MOBA config. Most importantly, it features the more modern third-person perspective. Read about Smite and betting on Smite below. 

Game Exciting Features

  • Fresh Hi-Rez backed console league: We need not expound further on this.
  • An innovative approach to spectator camera: As mentioned earlier, SMITE improved upon the isometric camera perspective that’s commonly found in other MOBA esports games. Smite approach to spectator camera now afford players the exploration of ad-lib.
  • Hefty prize pool: Read more about this in the tournaments and events section later in this piece.
  • Well-organized dedicated websites for Smite esports: Beyond any reasonable doubt, the websites dedicated to Smite esports are to a very large extent well-organized.

betting on smite

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Let’s start with the characters in the game. Smite features a fair share of mythological creatures in its game characters. The game has a collection of about 60 gods, goddesses notably among which are Zeus, Athena, Loki, Ra, just to mention a few. When you check in the character library of Smite, you’ll find gods and goddesses from past cultures. Past cultures and their gods including Greek, Roman, Nose, Chinese, Hindu, Egyptian, and Mayan pantheons.

Smite is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre in a 5×5 format. It involves a two-team conquest. The goal of each team is to destroy the Titan in the base of the opposing team. However, this can only be possible after destructing at least one full lane’s towers and one Phoenix. 

In terms of terrain, the game map covers three lanes with a jungle area habiting neutral monsters between these lanes. Each team consists of five players who share these five roles amongst themselves: AD Carry, Jungler, Mid, Solo, and Support.

Smite Tournaments and Events 

The first Smite tournament took place some five years ago. This was the first SMITE World Championship Tournament held in the 2750-seater Atlanta’s Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. This was from January 9 to 11, 2015. One interesting fact about this tournament was the prize pool which was $2.6 million. The first-place prize was $1.3 million, and the second place was a few bucks above $522,000.

Hi-Rez Studios setup this tournament themselves and the spotlight of the tournament was the involvement of the eight (8) World’s best pro teams. Other Smite tournaments and events include SMITE Challenger Circuit 2020, SMITE Open Circuit, SMITE Community Tournaments, and SMITE Pro League.

All these tournaments and events coupled with the number of years that Smite has been around really thus create lots of Smite betting opportunities. 

Smite Betting Types

Given all these Smite tournaments and events, then it should follow that betting on Smite should be fun and not a hard-to-get entity. Well, this might not necessarily be the case. As we remember, a known bookmaker that’s renowned for offering fantasy betting for esports reacted differently to Smite. Her fantasy league was defunct just about Smite was released.

Nevertheless, there are still some other options to bet on.

Outright betting

If any bookmaker lists an esports game, then this option is probably always available. this is because of the relative simplicity of this kind of bet. Since Smite is a MOBA genre esports game, all you need to do is predict your winning team for a given match.

Championship Winners’ Market

If you dig deep enough, there are bookmakers out there that offer markets for Championship winners. It is more like an outright winners’ market but with an elongated lifespan. You simply predict which team will win Smite Championship. At the end of the Championship, you go home rich or otherwise, depending on the outcome and your pick betting on Smite Championship outcome.

Unique Bets Associated with Smite

Console leagues

This is categorized under unique bet because Smite is the first MOBA esports game to be available on Xbox One. Console betting is somewhat similar to PC betting, match betting, and fantasy betting. The distinguishing feature is expressed in the caliber and knowledge of players involved in this type. 

Available Smite Variant

There are no variants for Smite available for now. 

Conclusion: Join the Fun

Smite is a free-to-play, third-person view, MOBA game. This free access has tremendously built its player base. Lots of SMITE tournaments and events has increased bookmakers’ interest and engagement in creating markets and Smite betting options. All the ingredients you’ll need are already present. What are you waiting for? 



Where can I bet on Smite?

To enjoy good, Smite betting action, you need to place bets with top online bookies. Check the latest bookmakers rating.

Where can I stream Smite? 

The SMITE Pro League 2020 Phase 1, among other tournaments and events, can be streamed on Twitch tv and Mixer.

What format does Smite World Championship have? 

For format in Smite World Championship, expect double elimination, placement stage + single, and elimination knockout stage.

What month is Smite World Championship ? 

Before season 5, it was  every January. Since season 5, it’s now in the monthof November.

Is it profitable to bet on Smite? 

One thing you need to know is that Smite is a standalone game. And with this kind of game, there is a special amount of attention that a bettor must pay to the game. But overall, this genre of the game provide huge winning potentials.