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Genre: Vehicular Soccer
Publisher: Psyonix

Rocket League is one of the few exciting esports that football lovers may be interested in. This competitive soccer-style game is between teams consisting of three players. The objective of the game is to score points by pushing a massive ball into the back of the net.  The game is easy to comprehend, yet exceptionally difficult to master.

They’re individuals who are enthusiastic about football but can’t play football physically. Fortunately, people can play and bet on Rocket League with a chance to win amazing prizes. The virtual game provides the same feeling as you would get playing football. 

Game Exciting Features

  • Multiplayer modes: The soccer-themed esport is highly competitive as two or more players can engage at the same time. Here, teams consist three players competing against an opponent.
  • Fast gameplay: Rocket League requires players to think on their toes as the gameplay is super-fast and exciting.
  • Exciting soccer theme:  Unlike a bunch of other esports, Rocket League gives a real soccer feeling which soccer fans will find catchy. This means that even those who can’t play soccer can play or bet on Rocket League.
  • Esports Tournament: Rocket League is officially an esport game, and that’s pleasant news for those who need Rocket League betting. While a Rocket League tournament is on, interested punters can bet on their favourite teams.

betting on rocket league

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The goal of the game is to secure points by pushing an enormous ball into the back of the net. This offering is unlike games where a team creates an edge over long playing sessions. Once a goal is scored, both teams are revert to their starting positions. This provides an opportunity for the losing team to get back on track through outstanding team play.

Asides from the brilliant mid-air shots and last-minute saves, winning teams are often the ones that are the most consistent. In the game, players interchange positions on the field and create strategies to ensure a teammate’s victory.  The best players are required to use their experience and skill to lower the risk, punishing opponents lacking team spirit. In the end, it isn’t about appearing on YouTube or Reddit, but about defeating your opponents and obtaining the trophy.

The Rocket League gameplay is quite engaging.

Rocket League Tournaments and Events

In March 2016, Psyonix made known to the public the first Rocket League Championship Series. The final game was set to occur in August 2016 with a grand prize of $55,000. Over $1 million in revenues from the sale of in-game items were used to fund additional competitive events. These include smaller tournaments at the main gaming conventions and support for locally-run contests. 

Rocket League joined the ESL officially, becoming a sponsored esport soon after its release. In September 2015, Major League Gaming (MLG) disclose to the public when the first season of the Pro Rocket League was going to happen. The contest was held between September and October. A Rocket League competition worth $75,000 occurred during the2017 Summer X, with live coverage of the finals on ESPN3. 

Whenever the Rocket League competition or tournament is ongoing, there is a chance for enthusiasts to bet on Rocket League.

Rocket League Betting Types

Rocket League betting can be accessed at nearly all prominent sportsbooks that permit eSports betting, and at skins betting sites. These betting institutions provide four types of betting markets where betting enthusiasts can pick from. They comprise the handicap market, the popular match winners market, the futures or outright winners markets, and the specials markets.

Match winner bet

This type of Rocket League betting is a common type of bet in the esports world. To bet on Rocket League with the match-winner bet option, a person bets on a team to win a match. 

Handicap betting

This form of betting is quite like the Rocket League match winner betting market. However, a player will bet on one team to win despite the opposing team getting an edge.

Outright winners market

Outright winner market is a Rocket League betting market that allows you to gamble on a team to win the tournament.

Unique Bets Associated Rocket League

The unique bets associated with Rocket League are not so many. Here, bettors can try to predict the correct scores of a round.  

Available Rocket League variants

Rocket League is an interesting esport that people enjoy to play and bet on. However, if you have been wondering if there are other variants of this game, the answer is no. There are no variants of Rocket League for now, but it would be a great idea to have more variants. Maybe soon, there will be reasons to upgrade or make new versions of Rocket League.

Conclusion: Get Competitive

Football is arguably one of the most loved sports out there, with millions of fans across the globe. However, while so many love to watch and even bet on football, not everyone plays the game well. This is the main reason why Rocket League is an amazing esport that you can play and even bet on. The Rocket League betting market has rewards if you bet smart, and the potentials are great.

Enjoy Rocket League now.



Where can I bet on Rocket League?

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Can I bet on Rocket League?

Yes, everyone can bet on Rocket League. However, it's a good idea to play Rocket League first. You should also learn more about how the betting market can work in your favor.

Where can I stream Rocket League? 

You can stream Rocket League on Twitch and Youtube as those are the most common places to watch tournaments. You may enjoy betting on Rocket League when you stream tournaments.