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Genre: Team-based FPS
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment, Iron Galaxy

Overwatch, as an esport, is well-known and attractive to all kinds of players and bettors globally. When you stream overwatch matches for the first time, it’s easy to get in the game even from a distance. That goes to reveal how exciting and attention-grabbing the game is for those who play and those who watch. The best part remains the fact the excitement doesn’t end at playing overwatch but extends to overwatch betting and tournament.

For overwatch, it is another case of seeing being believing, as the fund and potential overwatch betting rewards are unbelievable. 

Game Exciting Features

  • Various play modes: For those who love to play one game in a variety of ways, overwatch may just be the perfect game. There are numerous ways to enjoy a game of overwatch, depending on what a player wants.
  • Loot boxes: There is a good range of customization options available in the game’s loot box, and players can access them. Players also get a new portrait frame with each 10 levels
  • Multiple levels: Nothing explains a feeling of progress better than playing and moving from one level of overwatch to another. The excitement that comes with unlocking higher levels is immeasurable.
  • esports: Betting on overwatch is a dream come true because of the tournaments and competitions that are available to overwatch fans. Look out for the best teams as in the tournament as you try out overwatch betting.

betting on overwatch

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Overwatch is a marriage between the mobile online battle arena (MOBA) and First-person shooter (FPS), making it a two-in-one action. This means that players can enjoy using cool heroes from a first-person angle, but heroes do more than shoot. Each of the heroes in overwatch comes with unique abilities, and players can try them as the game goes on. In other words, overwatch is a shooter game that’s more complex than all the other ones you have tried.

This is not to say that the feature of overwatch makes it a very complicated game, but things are tougher. The key to playing overwatch is knowing what each hero can do while keeping an eye on the gaming screen. Once you have 12 players doing their thing on the screen, it becomes harder to understand what exactly is happening.

Once you can play overwatch, it’s time for Overwatch betting.

Overwatch Tournaments and Events

Blizzard Entertainment is the owner of the famous Overwatch League (OWL), which is under the parent company called Activision blizzard. This esports tournament plays in a manner that is quite similar to that of many sports leagues in North America. Various teams will play scheduled games against each other, and that will eliminate weaker teams from the pros before the finals. The league in this eSport  will  feature a total of 20 teams expected to battle till a winner emerges,

Teams that compete during this tournament are awarded monetary prizes according to their performance at the end of a tournament. There are also monetary prizes for competitors according to how they turned out during the post-season tournament and stage play-offs. For instance, during the very first overwatch tournament, there was a 3.5 million dollar prize pool available for deserving teams.

During these tournaments, it’s common to have several Overwatch betting options.

Overwatch Betting Types

Most esports betting sites do not offer more than three types of bets for Overwatch esports events at this time. The options people who wish to bet on overwatch may find include Match Winner bet, Handicap bet, and Outright Winner. These three betting options are the most common with esports betting markets. For this, people who wish to bet on overwatch may know these betting options, and understand how they work.

Match winner bet

This method of Overwatch betting is quite straightforward and self-explanatory. To bet on overwatch with match winner bet, a bettor stakes money on a team to win a specific match.


For the handicap overwatch betting option, a player bets on how many games or maps one team will win to an opponent.

Outright Winner

For the overwatch bet on the outright winner, a player must be very careful. Here, you bet on a team expected to emerge winner at the end of a tournament.

Unique Bets Associated with Overwatch

Overwatch is a fun esport to bet on, especially if you are a lover of first-person shooter and MOBA. Also, betting on overwatch is quite straightforward since the betting market is limited to three very common options. Some people may wish to try out overwatch betting, but do not find any of the available options good enough. People like these may be on the search for unique bets associated with overwatch.

Despite how known and respected overwatch is as an eSport, there are yet to be more betting options. This is not because of the impossibility of featuring more betting options, so there’s hope for the future. However, some bookies may allow players to bet on their performance even though that is very rare. It’s essential to bet on overwatch with care after learning how the game works, so you don’t make costly errors.

Available Overwatch Variant

There are no variants available for overwatch, but there are up to 7 different modes to play overwatch. The seven overwatch play modes are:

  • Assault
  • Control
  • Escort
  • Hybrid
  • Capture the Flag
  • Deathmatch
  • Elimination

Conclusion: Get Competitive

Overwatch is a blessing to those who love competitive games that are fun to play and potentially rewarding to gamers. There isn’t a dull play with this esport regardless of how much overwatch is played because of its unique modes. For people who fancy overwatch streaming and having fun while others play, platforms like Twitch and YouTube are always available. Finally, betting on overwatch is only for the brave.



Where can I bet on Overwatch?

Staking bets on Overwatch must be done through reputable online bookies. Check out our bookmaker list for the best betting experience.

Can I bet on Overwatch? 

Yes, any person can bet on overwatch, and different bookies offer different betting options and possibilities. However, the best way to batch on overwatch is to know the gameplay works, and choose a good team.

Can I bet on the Overwatch League?  

The most common way to bet on overwatch is to bet on the league. When an overwatch league is on, more bookies are open to review bets from customers.

Where can I stream overwatch? 

Steaming the overwatch tournaments or competitions is easier than ever before. You can view on overwatch on YouTube and also watch on Twitch.