Betting on Magic the Gathering

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Genre: Fantasy Card Game
Format: 1vs1, 2vs2
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

Magic the Gathering is everything magical that anyone can expect from a collectible card game that is now an eSport. Also called MTG or simply called magic, this game is so popular, and its fan-base continues to grow every year. With the gameplay and level of engagement of magic, by December 2018, there were more than 32 million MTG players. For a game with wizards and all things spooky or out of the ordinary, players will feel like superhumans. There’s also a chance for Magic the Gathering betting in case you prefer to make things happen over a bet.

Game Exciting Features

    • Playable by two or more players: For a game of cards, the best feature has to be being able to whoop an opponent like in MTG. Here, no matter where or when MTG can be played with even more than two players.
    • Playable physically and virtually: Long before it was possible to play MTG over a smart device, it was possible to play and compete physically. So, if you prefer having MTG fun without staring into a screen, that’s quite possible.
    • Playable on multiple platforms: No matter what smart device you choose to opt for, you can enjoy a game of MTG anytime you want. Cross-platform compatibility is one of the biggest pluses here.
    • eSports tournaments: When MTG was rolled out for the first time about two decades ago, tournaments for games like it didn’t exist. However, the story is different now as there are tournaments for MTG in various places.

betting on magic the gathering

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A game of Magic the gathering involves a fierce battle between two or more players acting as wizards with powers. These game wizards are known as plane walkers, and each of them has a unique set of cards for play. Each player’s deck of cards must have been previously constructed from a limited card pool specifically for the gaming event. Each player will begin with a total of 20 life points and will lose when these life points are exhausted. 

Another way a player can lose a game of MTG is if they have to draw from an empty deck. Some of the cards in this game specify unique ways to either lose or win that players must take note of. The gameplay of Magic: The gathering is not so difficult, and it never gets boring or tiring at any point. Players will easily understand it from their first gaming encounter.

MTG Tournaments and Events

MTG tournaments usually take place in various venues such as gaming stores all around the globe with several active participants. There are also larger tournaments featuring hundreds of players from all around the world competing to win various possible prizes. Wizard of the coast sponsors these big tournaments, and they take place at different times in the year.  There’s always substantial prize money waiting for top finishers during the tournaments as specific news channels report the event.

Every tournament follows a fixed set of gaming rules that also come with a penalty when flouted by any player. Another reason why the tournaments for MTG gain the massive attention it has now is the magic the gathering betting. Many people may prefer to gamble on their preferred MTG player or team, and the tournament provides more betting options. 

MTG Betting Types

Magic the gathering is unlike any other eSport game out there, and you can tell this from its unique gameplay. For this reason,  MTG betting market is quite different from other esport betting markets. Some of the betting options are not so common, but here they are:

MTG region of the winner

 In this Magic the gather betting, people have to bet on the region where a tournament winner will come from. This means that you can stake your money on the winner emerging from Europe or Asia.

Tournament winner bet

For bettors who are daring enough, there is the option to bet on a tournament winner. This more of Magic the gathering betting is high risk but potentially very rewarding.

MTG World Championship

 Players can also try out Magic the gathering betting on the world championship. Here, a bet is placed on the outcome of the championship and what team wins.

Unique Bets Associated with Magic the Gathering

There are some possible unique Magic the gathering betting options depending on what game or tournament you are betting on. The unique bets will not be the same on all betting sites and may not be same in different regions. Below are a few unique Magic the gathering betting options that you may come across:

The players

Of course, it is not rare for people to bet on players during a game, but things are different here. In this unique bet, you stake your funds on the top 8 competitors, for instance. The options may include well-known players or even sub-groups.

The cards

 Understand the cards and carefully predict which of them might become popular in the game’s top 8. This will be helping for making over/under bets on Islands, swamps, mountains e.t.c

Available  Magic The Gathering Variant

There are only two types of magic the gathering, and they both feature the same gameplay. The types are virtual MTG and physical MTG where you play with physical cards.

Conclusion: let’s get Magical

Magic the gathering is deserving of all the hype it has received since the first set of cards was released. Many players love to bring out their hidden magic, and this game of wizards is a good avenue for that. Players who are used to the physical card version don’t have to switch to playing online all of a sudden. Those who also love Magic the gathering betting can enjoy potential wins during the tournaments.



Where can I bet on Magic the gathering?

You can place your bets with top esports bookies. Check our latest bookmaker rating.

Is Magic the Gathering an esport?

Yes, Magic the gathering is a famous esport game. Many MTG lovers consider the game the leading offer in esports entertainment. This means you can both play and bet on MTG.

Can I bet on Magic the Gathering? 

 Magic the gathering betting is possible and open to all who are interested. The betting market for Magic the gathering features various options that can be explored whenever the MTG tournament is running.

Where can I stream Magic the Gathering?

Streaming Magic the Gathering tournaments or competitions can be done or various platforms. Depending on your preference, you can stream MTG games on Youtube, or twitch. More people prefer Twitch streaming.