Betting on Heroes of the Storm(HotS)

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Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
Format: Team Multiplayer
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

Heroes of the Storm (HotS) is a superb crossover multiplayer online battle arena video game that was designed by Blizzard Entertainment. Also, Heroes of the Storm involve several characters from Blizzard’s franchises as playable heroes, along with numerous battlegrounds. As a regular esports follower and a fan of action games, you may have come across different interesting action games like HotS. However, HotS isn’t unique because it offers exciting gameplay. A player can also win a fantastic cash prize when they bet on HotS, but before talking about betting on Heroes of the Storm, let’s go through the the game itself.

Game Exciting Features

  • Custom Games: This feature is mostly used in tournaments where players can create and design a lobby. Players have access to create match-ups of about five players versus five players, select map, draft enabling mode, and more. 
  • Unranked: This game mode involves each player taking turns in selecting heroes based on their abilities. It also enables a feature where teams can ban the use of certain characters.
  • Versus A.I.: In this mode, participants are allowed to battle against five A.I. opponents. Each player is permitted to decide whether to have human-controlled or A.I. allies before the beginning of the match.
  • Esports: Bet on Heroes of the Storm while there is a tournament, or partake in a Heroes of the Storm tournament as a pro.

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Heroes of the Storm involve several online 5-versus-5 matches that are operated by Blizzard’s online server. Each match is held for 20 minutes on average. Players work concurrently as a team to attain victory by destroying their enemy’s main structure known as the King’s core. 

A part of the defence structure of the team is required to be destroyed to get the core. Players can use battleground bosses, mercenary camps, and a computer-controlled unit called minions, to improve their attack on the enemy.  Minions occasionally appear in groups during the game, marching uniformly towards the opposing team’s base. 

There are about 15 battlegrounds available to play, and each has a unique meta and secondary goal to complete. Completing the secondary objectives will provide your team with lots of advantages. Players can control one among the 90 playable game characters, with each having unique abilities as well as weaknesses.

Heroes of the Storm Tournaments and Events

The Heroes of the Storm esports gameplay features contests get authorization from Blizzard Entertainment. The game publisher organizes even contest that is college-driven.  This means that nearly all the competition comes with a decent prize pool and good production value. The blizzard Chinese partners had to include Gold Series Heroes League to promote the game in their home town. Also, Copa America is for the Latin American scene. You tend to constantly run into Heroes of the Storm betting tips for this tournament.

In 2018, Heroes of the Storm tournaments were improved better. The battle formation features the top-4 teams from primary regions.  This includes North American and Europe for the Western Clash, along with China and South Korea for the Easter one. The winners of the clash event will gain an additional spot for their region at the final tournaments of the season.

Heroes of the Storm Betting Types

Like many other competitive titles, there is a thriving HotS betting event. There you can find Heroes of the Storm betting options for numerous events and tournaments. The betting types include match winner, map winner, and special bets

Match winner bet

This is one of the most popular HotS betting strategies among punters and fans. It involves you placing a bet on one among the two teams battling against each other. You get your reward when the team you bet on comes out on top.

Map winner bet

This type of betting method is a more complex one. It enables you to bet on a that is likely to come out victorious on a particular map. The fact that there are different HotS backgrounds, there is a thrilling level of depths to each bet. After all, you will have to compare each teams’ strength and determine if they will appear on specific maps.

Unique Bets Associated with Heroes of the Storm

There are different special bets on Heroes of the Storm. These betting options include betting on a team that will have their first kill or a fixed score.

Available Heroes of the Storm variants

Heroes of the Storm doesn’t seem to have any variants at the time of this article. Nonetheless, an online battle arena game such as HotS could draw in more fans than expected. If this happens, there is likely to be new varieties of Heroes of the Storm in a few years. You can bet on Heroes of the Storm and win amazing prizes once you’ve understood the gameplay.


Heroes of the Storm may seem difficult to understand as it requires quick thing as well as reflexes. However, after one or two gameplay, players tend to comprehend the game and its objectives. If you want to bet on Heroes of the Storm, you will need to know its betting market and gameplay. As soon as you get the hang of it, there is no way you won’t enjoy the game.



Where can I bet on Heroes of the Storm?

Betting on Heroes of the Storm betting can be done with our choice picks of bookmakers.

What markets should I be betting on Heroes of the Storm?

You can bet on every market if you wish. Tournaments on HOTS are popular, and getting yourself familiar with these events gives you an advantage and ensures you are up-to-date.

Is it ok to get down to HotS gaming if I wish to one-up the bookmakers?

Knowing the game fully well could be helpful to become a successful punter. The more you know about the Heroes of the Storm, the better your chances will be.

Where can I stream Heroes of the Storm?

You can stream HotS on the following sites, such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. This means that bettors can choose any of the above platforms to stream HotS tournaments.