Betting on Hearthstone

Betting on Hearthstone is more than popular among professional bettor. Learn how to bet on Hearthstone with real money.

Genre: Free-to-Play Online Digital Collectible Card Game
Format: PvP
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone is a downloadable collectible card game. Blizzard Entertainment made it for free-to-play online after launch. Hearthstone, originally called Heroes of Warcraft, builds on the Warcraft series’ established lore with the same ideas, characters, and relics. It is available for Microsoft and MacOS. Also, iOS and Android are also available for mobile play. Before telling you about betting on Hearthstone, let’s talk about the game itself. 

Collectible card games in esports are kings of all card games in the mind of those who love virtual action. If you have caught an interest in hearthstone betting, then you may want to know about the tournaments and games. 

Game Exciting Features

  • Cross-platform play: Never get bored from playing on a single platform when you can play on your smartphone regardless of the operating system.
  • Turn-based: Take turns playing hearthstone with an opponent as you fight to become the champion player
  • In-game reward: Get motivated as you play hearthstone by gathering in-game rewards in the form of virtual gold and other forms of bonuses.
  • Esports: Bet on hearthstone while there is a tournament, on partake in a hearthstone tournament as a pro.

betting on hearthstone

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Hearthstone is a virtual, turn-based collectible card game set within the Warcraft universe that pits two opponents against one another. From one of ten classes, players pick a hero. All classes have specific cards and abilities that help establish class archetypes, known as hero powers. Each player uses a stack of cards, with an objective to reduce the health of the opponent to zero.

 Four different kinds of cards are available: minions, spells, guns, and hero cards. Quests are a special form of spell found only in three expansions. Such cards are ordered by rarity, with the most uncommon being Legendary cards, followed by Epic, Rare, Common, and Simple. To increase the range in the metagame, Blizzard launches expansions of new cards every four months. 

The game uses a freemium revenue model, which means players can play for free or pay to buy additional content. Hearthstone is cool to play.

Hearthstone Tournaments and Events

On 2013-11-8, the first Hearthstone tournament was held at BlizzCon. This happens barely a few months after the release of the closed beta of the game. Blizzard chose eight famous Hearthstone players to participate in what they called the “Hearthstone Innkeeper’s Invitational”. The competition was won by Artosis, who was later crowned the “Grandmaster of the Hearth”. 

More Hearthstone tournaments followed after the official release of the game, including events at EGX Rezzed and DreamHack Bucharest. BlizzCon 2014 featured a $250,000 USD prize pool Hearthstone tournament. That was the largest up to that point, and competitors from Europe, America and Asia. 

The organization of Assembly Summer 2014, is a Finnish qualification tournament for the World Championship of the International e-Sports Federation. The IeSF caused controversy in June 2014 when it was revealed that the tournament would only be open to men. Betting on hearthstone is possible during tournaments.

Hearthstone Betting Types

Hearthstone markets now appear prominently on a wide variety of platforms, despite being relatively new to the eSports betting space. Although not as diverse as other games, there is a range of popular Hearthstone betting options involved. The most popular of which takes the form of an outright game and tournament bets. 

Match winner bet

This is one of the most famous hearthstone betting methods amongst bettors and enthusiasts.  This type of hearthstone betting requires you to predict which player to emerge victorious in a specific match. This means that you must know each player’s strength and capability.

Outright winner bet

When tournaments are on, you can make moves to stake on a player who will most likely emerge top winner. This can be considered a very risky hearthstone betting market.

There are other betting markets that you can try your fingers on, such as special or unique betting options.

Unique Bets Associated with Hearthstone

There are some unique hearthstone betting options that you can try. These options include:

To reach finals: Some bookmakers can allow you to bet on a player’s ability to get to enter certain stages of the competition. This normally only includes players with the greatest reputations. However, supporting them to make it to the knockout or final stages may prove to be a successful wagering tool. 

  • First to cause damage
  • Highest damage from a single card
  • First to play a legendary card

Available Hearthstone variants

Hearthstone doesn’t boast of any variants at the time of this article. However, a game of cards such as this one may attract more fans than anticipated. If that happens, you will most likely find new varieties of hearthstone in a couple of years.

However, even if you don’t get to try out any new variants in the future, hearthstone is still fun to try. If you wish to bet on Hearthstone, you can try that once you understand the gameplay.

Conclusion: The cards are in your hands

Playing Hearthstone is one great way to get your spirit high when you feel like playing a virtual game. There are some upsides to playing a good game of Hearthstone, and one of those is the possibility of betting. If you wish to bet on Hearthstone, you need to get all the knowledge about its betting market and gameplay. Once you’ve studied this esport offering, there’s almost no way you won’t enjoy a gaming session.



Where can I bet on Hearthstone?

To enjoy good Hearthstone betting action, you need to place bets with top online bookies.

Is Betting on Hearthstone legal?

Yes, betting on Hearthstone is legal in some specific parts of the world. However, it is imperative to check with your local area if betting is considered a legal activity.

Where can I stream Hearthstone? 

On streaming sites, such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, Live Hearthstone activity is growing. This means that you can choose any of the above platforms to stream Hearthstone tournaments.