Betting on Halo

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Genre: First-person shooter (main series), Real-time strategy (Halo Wars series), Shoot 'em up (Spartan Assault series)
Format: Teamplay 4v4
Publisher: Xbox Game Studios

If you are a big fan of esports and sci-fi games, Halo might be the one for you. Halo is an American military sci-fi game with a focus on the life of master chief john-117, who is a super-soldier along with his AI partner, Cortana. We are not unfamiliar with the fun and excitement that comes with watching action sci-fi movies. In fact, we sometimes wish that we can be a part of the action one. Fortunately, Halo gives you the opportunity to be part of the fun and also win exciting prizes when you bet on Halo. But before telling you about betting on Halo, let’s talk about the game itself. 

Game Exciting Features

  • Real-time strategy: Halo allows you to be mentally active as you have to strategize during each gameplay.
  • Multiplayer mode: This action-filled game features two or more players. As a result,  it is competitive for each individual. 
  • First-person shooter game: if you love the first-person shooter game, then you will appreciate this particular game because of the excitement it offers. 
  • Esport: Halo allows professional players to participate in various tournaments.  Participants stand a chance of winning lots of rewards. Also, It permits people to place a bet on Halo.

betting on halo


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The Halo game focuses on an intergalactic war that occurs between humans and a group of aliens called the Covenant. The covenant follows an extinct civilization known as the Forerunners, who were extinct after battling the parasitic flood. They’re led by a group of religious leaders known as the Prophets. 

The forerunners developed a group of civil, round super weapons known as Halo array, to destroy the flood. The Covenant thought that the Halo array would send them on a remarkable journey to meet the Forerunners. 

In the game, the player’s objective is to defeat the covenant while preventing the end of the human race. This game may seem challenging at first. However, after two trials you can get the hang of it. Once you feel that you’ve gotten the concept of the game, you can start to place a bet on Halo.

Halo Tournaments and Events

Participants can create impromptu Halo contest as well as local parties soon after the launch of the original game.  In August 2012, G4 organized a Halo National Championship Finals. This was a free-for-all contest that involves sixteen participants from all over the country. Also, a group known as the associates of gaming professionals that only focuses on Halo held its first competition in November 2002.

In 2014, the Halo championship series was hosted by Microsoft and 343 industries. The tournament began with a partnership with the Electronic Sports League. In August 2015, Microsoft revealed that it would be increasing the prize pool of the HCS to $1 million. This was the debut tournament for Halo 5.

The reward was said to be crowd-funded.  Major League Gaming went on to reveal that the prize pool had gone up to $2 million and then $2.5 million.

Betting on Halo

It is possible to get more options to bet on Halo when the tournaments are ongoing. However, the most common betting options to bet on Halo include the four betting market types. These include the match winner’s market, outright winner market, handicap market, and special markets. 

Match winner’s market 

The match winner’s market is simpler than the three other markets. It is can be understood by simply looking at a few instances from the 2017 Halo championship. 

Outright winner market

In this market,  Halo punters can stake on different betting options. For instance, these include the team that will win the tournaments, reaches the finals, and many more.

Handicap betting market

The handicap betting market is a lot like the match winner’s market. The only difference between these two markets is the opening advantage, which is expressed as +1.5 or +2.5.

Unique Bets Associated with Halo

Halo special markets are sometimes dependent on luck. Also, they do not require you to have a vast knowledge of the game to participate. There are a few of the market types. For example,  these include a specific map winner, Total Number of Kills, Correct Score, and many more. As a result, betting on Halo special markets can be very rewarding for players. This is because there are some extra bonuses that are attached to this particular betting market type.

Available Halo Variants

  • Combat Evolved 
  • Halo 2
  • Halo 3
  • Halo Wars
  • Halo 3: ODST
  • Reach
  • Combat Evolved Anniversary
  • Halo 4
  • Spartan Assault
  • The Master Chief Collection
  • Spartan Strike
  • Guardians
  • Wars 2
  • Fireteam Raven

Conclusion: Get ready for Action

Halo is amongst the most frequently visited esports by punters. It offers a lot of excitement as a first-person shooter game. Also, it provides the opportunity for strategic gameplay with a nice opening platform for betting. So be a part of the fun and excitement by participating in the tournament of the game. Furthermore, keep in mind that you can win a lot of cash prizes when you place a bet on Halo.



Where can I bet on Halo?

Betting on Halo can be enjoyed at top online bookmakers. Check our bookmakers rating and choose the one that fits you more.

Where can I stream Halo?

Halo can be streamed on various platforms on the internet. For example, these include twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and discord. People can stream using these platforms when tournaments are on.

Does the control differ from Halo to Halo?

Yes, it does unless you select one of the universal controller schemes. Also, you can opt for any of the setups and use it for any Halo variant you jump into.

What about Halo waypoint?

The central hub, Halo players’ profiles as well as their online progress and other contents will still be available. But, 343 industries are set to be working out the details.