Betting on Counter Strike: Global Offensive

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Genre: Multiplayer First-person Shooter
Format: Competitive, Casual, Deathmatch, Arms Race, Demolition, Wingman, Flying Scoutsman, Danger Zone, and Weapons Course
Publisher: Valve, Hidden Path Entertainment

In the world of esports, there’s always something new and exhilarating for players of various preferences to look forward to. You will most likely consider betting on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive eSport once you get all the spine-tingling details here. Counter-Strike: Global Operations is one of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s purchasable downloadable content (DLC) consisting of a range of content.  

If you find first-person shooter esport games fascinating, then CS:GO will most likely do it for you.

Game Exciting Features

  • Competitive: This is a classic game mode that most possibly made CS:GO famous. Two teams consisting of five players battle in a best-of-30 match while following standard rules of Counter-Strike.
  • Various Modes: Players are at liberty to select one out of the six modes available in this game. This means that there will be no case of boredom due to being stuck in a single mode.
  • Available for both online and offline play: Nothing beats being able to enjoy your favourite first-person shooter game both online and offline. CS:GO allows players to do just that.
  • Downloadable content: CS:GO allows players access to its downloadable content
  • CS:GO tournament: There are more ways than one to enjoy a good game of CS:GO. One of those ways is to take part in a CS:GO tournament or simply bet on CS:GO

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CS:GO isn’t much of a difficult first-person shooter esport game to understand. The goal in this offering is to kill off as many enemies as possible while you try to stay alive. It involves two opposing sides as you have in action movies involving a bad side and a good side. The rules of this offering are very simple and easy to follow, especially if you have experience with counter strike before. 

Before you go ahead to play CS:GO for the first time, it is good to know how the menu works. Each menu option will help to improve a players gaming experience even when they are new to the CS:GO game. All that a player must know is how to target the enemy correctly and take them out in any mode. It’s also possible to play alone or in a competitive setting.

Counter Strike: Global Operations Tournaments and Events

Like a host of eSport games, you can expect to benefit from a CS:GO tournament as you bet on CS:GO. The Global Offensive professional scene features many tournaments by third-party organizations.  The co-sponsored or value-organized tournaments are referred to as the Majors, and they usually feature a much larger prize pool. Majors began with a prize pool of $250,000. However, the prize is much larger in present times. 

The prize pools for CS:GO majors have since risen, with MLG Columbus 2016 featuring the first prize pool of $1,000,000. In cases where any team fixes a match on purpose during a competition, such a team will get a  ban. One such scenario was the loss by iBuyPower in 2012 against NetCodeGuides leading to a temporary ban of the team. It’s more fun to bet on CS:GO when there’s a tournament.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Betting Types

Betting on Counter Strike is indeed woven deep into the very fabric of the CS:GO fanbase and its good. When you decide to engage in CS:GO betting, these are some of the available CS:GO betting markets:

Map-specific winners

One of the available options for Betting on Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the Map-specific winners bet. Most official counter-strike games are played in a series of best-of-threes, but the winner in each game can be selected.

Maps played in a series handicap

A large majority of  CS:GO series are played in best-of-three fashion, and that interprets to 2.5 over/under handicapping being common. This is often done on the entire number of maps that are played in a series.

The final score of a series

Unlike when players have to pick the final winner of a series, this method of betting on Csog is different. Here you will have to bet on the final score of a series.

Unique bets associated with Counter Strike: Global Offensive

With a game like CS:GO, one can have all the CS:GO betting fun with some unique betting options. The betting options you may come across in the betting market include:

Number of maps won by a team in a series

Here, a person can bet on CS:GO by betting the number of maps a team will win in a series.

Rounds won on a map handicap

This method of betting on CS:GO is perfect for quick decision-makers. Here, a bettor will gamble on the number of rounds a specific team will win on a map.

More unique bets in CS:GO include Will there be overtime on a map? WIll the map end in a draw?. There are also options like Over/Unders on total rounds played on a map. If you wish, you can even bet on who wins Map pistol round 1 and 2. You may try these options.

Available Counter Strike: Global Operations Variants

There are no variants to look out for here, but there is the possibility of in-game purchase. You can take advantage of the purchasable DLC called operations.

Conclusion: Shoot your way to Winning

CS:GO is one of the exciting first-person shooter games for offline and online play no matter where you are. The availability of several CS:GO betting options makes the game even more lucrative for all kinds of bettors. When you do choose to bet on CS:GO during a tournament, it is a good idea to choose teams wisely. Overall, it’s not inappropriate to conclude that CS:GO is worth every time playing or betting on it.



Where can I bet on CS:GO?

We have researched the top online bookmakers that offer CS:GO betting.

What are CS:GO operations?

Operations are a type of purchasable DLC found in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This DLC consists of exclusive official as well as community-created content like community maps and exclusive operation coin.

Where can I stream CS:GO tournament?

The bulk of competitive tournaments for CS:GO are available to watch online. You can watch for free via live-streaming sites like, YouTube, and