Betting on Clash Royale

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Genre: Real-time strategy(RTS)
Format: Collectible Card Game, Tower Defense, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.
Publisher: Supercell

Clash Royale is the perfect game for online players who love to battle it out till sweet victory is attained. The action-filled multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) has gained massive fame and had turned out to be a rewarding release. Everyone wants to get a cut of premium gaming action even from their mobile devices and clash Royale offers that. Once you get in on the mobile-friendly gaming action, you will understand by many people are betting on clash royale.

When you try this esport game for the first time, it may seem overwhelming, but that it only gets easier.

Game Exciting Features

  • Card collection upgrade: Players get to enjoy building and upgrading their card collection along with various clash troops, defenses, and spells.
  • Thrilling battle action: People choose multiplayer online battle arena games because of the battle intensity, and this release meets up that expectation 
  • 2-in-1 action: This one is a neat combination between a card game and a tower-defense or lane pushing game
  • eSports tournaments: Because of the massive following that this game has received, its tournaments are always fun for those who love Clash Royal betting.
  • Deep Mechanics: Clash Royale features some deep and serious mechanics for a game that is playable on mobile.

betting on clash royale

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Gambling guide

The basics of clash royal involve collecting cards and leveling them up, both creatures/troops and spells. Before the game starts, the players are required to each build a deck out of these cards for themselves. Clash Royale is always played in real-time, and troops will be deployed on two varying lanes to push enemy towers. Spells can be cast all over the game map, and the cost of playing the cards is mana. 

Making use of a deck of eight varying cards, players spawn various units into the battleground to fight. The goal of every fight is for a player to take down their opponent’s three towers as they defend theirs. Each of the battle rounds will last no longer than 3 minutes, so players must take out the most towers. So, when you do play clash royale, take out as many towers as you can in three minutes.

Clash Royale Tournaments and Events

If you would like to bet on clash royal, then you may be interested in the many tournaments and competitions. Tournaments are an important feature in the game that lets players compete for cards or gold in a short fight. Once a player gets to XP level 8, that player will be able to participate in Victory challenges and Tournaments. When a player wins more matches in special event challenges, victory challenges, and global tournaments, they may get more awards.

Special Event Challenges in royal clash are very temporary competitions that have unique rules. These forms of challenges usually have fewer rewards in their Challenge Chest but more in total via the one-time rewards. For global tournaments, they involve four stages, with the world finals being the last stage where the best teams compete. For those rules using the player’s decks, the level cap can be around 9 to 13.

Clash Royale Betting Types

Before you start clash royal betting, it is essential to know how the game works and what teams are best. There are many regions as well as teams that you can choose to support after you have carefully studied them. There is also a range of betting markets to choose from including the match-winner and the outright winner.


If you choose match-winner when betting on Clash Royale, it means you’re gambling on who wins a specific match.

Outright winner

For outright winner bet on Clash Royale, you will be putting your money on what team will win the tournament. This would require that you study the teams and choose the most likely one to win a competition overall.

It is also good to know while betting on Clash Royal is fun and rewarding, bettors must be very vigilant. The best way to win is to bet smart.

Unique bets associated with Clash Royale

For the available Clash Royale betting markets, bettors are limited to two options which are match-winner and outright winner. This may seem like not enough options for bettors looking for variety, but they are straightforward and sometimes quite rewarding. The main betting markets for most esport games are not the only options available to those who bet. However, with Clash royal betting, the main betting market is all the opportunity you have to gamble when you want.

If you are wondering why there are no unique bets associated with Clash Royale eSports, then the answer is simple. This multiplayer online battle arena game is a short one that lasts 3 minutes per battle, no matter how intense. With this in mind, bettors will realize that the time-frame is too short for any special bets to fit in. There is no such thing as a handicap here also because of time.

Available Clash Royale Variants

There are no variants for Clash Royal available for now. However, there are cool themes and hope for possible variants.

Conclusion: Suit up for the Clashes

Clash Royale is one of the best esports available to card game lovers because of its unparalleled action. Betting on clash royal is possible for those who want to, but it is also limited to two betting markets. Bettors can choose to either bet on a match-winner or take the risk to bet on the winner of the whole tournament. Nevertheless, no special Clash Royale are betting mostly because the battles are short.



Where can I bet on Clash Royale?

You can enjoy premium betting action on Clash Royale at top bookies. We have done our research and have come up with top online bookmakers where you can bet on Clash Royale. You can place your bets at 1, 2, or 3 for the best Clash Royal betting action.

Can I play Clash Royale on mobile?  

Nothing stops you from enjoying this real-time strategy card game on your smartphone or other devices. Clash Royale was created especially for mobile players, so it's good.

Where can I stream the Clash Royale tournament?

Twitch streaming service remains one popular method of watching clash royal game live, but that is not your only option.  Steaming of this esport is also possible on YouTube too.