Betting on Apex Legends

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Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Royale video game
Format: 20 squads of 3 persons
Publisher: Respawn Entertainment via EA

Apex Legends turned out to be the coolest game released in 2019. As a result, it brought unexpected thrills to the gaming world. Within one week of this game’s release, it recorded over 25 million downloads globally.  This release is undeniably one of the top-notch battle royale games from the Respawn Entertainment studios. Apex Legends came with its adrenalin-pumping action sequences and unique figures with exceptional abilities.  

There is almost no reason not to place a bet on Apex legend especially if you live for the action.

Exciting Game Features

  • Unrivaled Gun action: One of the most exciting features is the Never-seen-before Gun action that’ll have Rambo hiding his face.
  • Superb Team Action: It’s nearly impossible not to be stuck once you get a taste of the addicting team action.
  • Adrenaline-pumping decision making: The prompt to make life-changing decisions as you play is thrilling and keeps players on their toes
  • Live Match for Spectators: Here, spectators are allowed to watch a live game while feeling the same anticipation and thrill.
  • eSports: With the crazy number of spectators it attracts on twitch, every eSport lover will want to bet on Apex.

betting on apex legends

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Apex Legends is nothing short of a very smooth blend of hero shooters and the much-loved battle royale games. The gameplay of Apex Legend involves 20 teams of three fighting on a lonely island with a shrinking playable area. Every match begins with character selection, where players choose one of the featured heroes with their unique traits and abilities. Afterward, the players drop down onto the island and move around in search of weapons and other possibly useful gear.

Much like every known battle royale game out there, a fighter is weak once he runs out of health. The player will be left in a defenseless state where he either crawls, cover, or wait for his teammate’s help. Getting off by another player or bleeding out in this state will eliminate a player leaving his tools behind. However, it’s possible to bring a dead player back to life. 

Apex Legends Tournaments and Events

The first tournament for Apex Legends was a set of Twitch Rivals Challenges almost immediately after the game was released. However, there was no way to have custom games created and have all of the participants in a single match. Nowadays, almost every Apex Legends client is fully able to set up LAN events, and there are tournaments to try. Some tournaments like TwitchCon Europe Showdown have taken advantage of this and filled their matches with top-tier professionals and personalities.

It’s worth noting that several esports organizations have found interest in competitive Apex Legends, so you can bet on Apex. High-profile teams such as TSM, Gen. G, and Team Liquid have since announced their rosters for this battle royale title. And though the pro scene is pretty young, this is a great sign for Apex Legends esports in the future. Imagine betting on apex legend at a tournament or event.

Apex Legends Betting Types

Judging by the great popularity of Apex Legends, many players will be looking forward to their first apex legends betting. There’s every reason to assume that when the eSports betting kicks the speed, there’ll be a range of betting types.  One may even assume that the Apex legends betting types will be like those available on other big eSports games.  You just might be thinking correctly on this one.

The betting types allowed with major games are money line bets, accumulator bets, outright bets, special bets and In-play bets. One notable thing about Apex Legends is that the mechanics and fierce competitiveness makes a hit among viewers and players. With this in mind, here is no reason why online betting sites and organizers will differentiate apex Legends betting types. This means that players can expect betting on Apex Legends not to be so different from other battle royale games. 

Unique Bets Associated with Apex Legends

As you may have already figured, there are currently no working Apex Legends betting sites, so there’s no unique bet. Never say never because this battle royale title only came out in February of 2019, so it is pretty new.  It took Respawn Entertainment studio a couple to work out all of the game’s finer details, especially for competitive play. Also, most bookmakers are known to be conservative when it comes to launching markets for esports titles that are up-and-coming. 

This means that you may not get any unique bets for now with this wait-and-see approach, but there’s some hope.  As Apex Legends betting becomes a reality with time, the development of more exciting features like unique bets is inevitable. Even if this does not happen, there’ll be more interesting things to look out for as you bet on Apex. The future may be bright for Apex legend unique bets.

Available Apex Legends variant

There are no variants for Apex Legends available for now. However, there are some skin changes you can access now.

Conclusion: Exciting Gameplay

Apex Legends is superb for esports lovers who would like a fresh and exciting gaming experience that could be rewarding. Even though betting on Apex will take some time, the wait may not be so long. Many bookmakers are picking an interest on this one pretty fast just as players are interested in the gameplay. Don’t wait for Apex legends betting; you need to get a slice of the fun and play Apex legends now!



Where can I bet on Apex Legend?

Keep tuned to this site as we gather the best info on bookies that will offer Apex Legends betting.

Which Apex legend is best for you? 

Depending on what abilities you prefer, you can choose a legend that meets your needs. There are 8 characters to choose from.

Can I play Apex legend for real money?

No Apex legends betting for real money yet. Real money bets should be available for this game with time.

Where to stream Apex legend?

Apex legend tournaments can be streamed on twitch as is the most common streaming platform of games like this. However, there is a chance to also view on YouTube. Find more in Resources section above.