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Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena(MOBA)
Publisher: Garena, Netmarble, Tencent Games, Garena Games Online

AOV is an acronym for the famous game named Arena of Valour. While AOV may sound new to a lot of people, it is in fact, an old game loved by many players. This esport was formerly called the realm of valor, and later called the strike of kings, but it managed to stay exciting. There is a bunch to love about this  MOBA release, and you’ll find that out as you read on. In terms of features, there is so much you can try out when you play this game. And if you are a fan of betting you’ll love betting on AOV with real money.

Game Exciting Features

  • Multiplayer modes: This is likely the first feature most players will want to see. AOV allows more than one player at a time, thus creating room for fierce but healthy competition.
  • Crossplatform compatibility: You don’t have to own a Nintendo switch to play AOV. With an android or iPhone, you can enjoy this cool game and get into a competition with other players.
  • Multiple modes: There are multiple modes to enjoy in the game of AOV, and that is one of the best features. Players never get sick of a single-mode as they can switch at will.
  • Esports: AOV has now gone far into esports, so it is possible to bet on AOV when a tournament is ongoing.

betting on aov

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AOV is a game with great 3D graphics. Also, It can stand as a third-person MOBA game for smartphones or mobile. The game features multiple modes, and the major three are valley skirmish, grand battle, and abyssal clash. Arena of Valor matches lasts between 12-18 minutes on average for each round. Once you learn how to play Arena of Valor, betting on AOV  is much easier and straightforward. 

If you are familiar with other esports, then you may consider the gameplay of AOV similar to that of LOL. Just like in League of legends, players in AOV use characters known as heroes as they battle for a win. Each of these so-called heroes possesses unique abilities and powers that help a player edge closer to victory. Players so what it takes to destroy the enemy’s turrets on the playing map.

To win, a player must destroy the opponent or enemy’s core.

AOV Tournaments and Events

AOV is so exciting that players have been involved in AOV competitions for a long time now. Arena of Valor tournaments takes place in different regions, as each region organizes its unique local leagues. Some of AOV local leagues include the Thailand Realm of valor pro league, and the Europe Arena of Valor: valor series. Also, these unique regional tournaments can be bet on, and participants may proceed to the world championship tournament.

Presently there are two world championships organized for Arena of Valor. These two tournaments are the Arena of Valor world cup championship and the Arena of Valor international championship. The world tournaments have juicy prizes that attract enthusiasts and professional players from all over the world. However, both tournaments seem to work differently as players represent their unique esports organization in the AIC. 

 The AWC, on the other hand, requires players to represent their country and win prizes.

AOV Betting Types

Betting on Arena of Valor is one of the easiest ways to benefit from the game if you don’t want to play. There are some thrilling options in the Arena of Valor betting market, and you will find a preferred one. Some of the betting options include handicap bets, match winner bets, and outright winner bets.

Match winner bet

This method of betting on AOV requires a player to predict one team to win a specific match.

Handicap bet

This AOV betting option allows players to even out the odds, as they predict a team to win a match. The prediction is made while giving another a few points ahead.

Outright winner bet

The outright winner AOV betting option requires betting on a team to win the overall tournament.

Unique Bets Associated with AOV

Some AOV betting options are unique and may increase your chances of winning a prize. One of these unique betting options is the over and under bets, which you may be familiar with. Other betting options you may find include betting on individual round/map to see if your predictions come through. There is room for bettors to stake on map scores or even create alternatives.

 If you are looking for options that let you spread your money across the board, there are lots of those. There is the option to bet on the ‘to win at least 1 map’ betting market. This option lets you put money on a smaller team since some larger teams may dominate most of the time. As you search, you find that there are several AOV betting options for you to select from.

AOV betting is quite rewarding in special markets.

Available AOV variants

There are no variants available in Arena of Valor. However, it has been known by several other names over the years, and these names include:

  • Realm of valor
  • Strike of kings

Conclusion: Get In on the fun

There are so many reasons to play Arena of Valor and even betting on it when the tournaments are ongoing. One of the reasons is the rewarding possibility of AOV betting and fierce gameplay. The more you play Arena of Valor, the more you feel like getting competitive and becoming a pro. If you’re fortunate enough to partake in a tournament, there just might be a jackpot awaiting you.



Where can I bet on AOV?

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Is AOV the same as the realm of valo

Yes, Arena of Valor (AOV) and the realm of valor as the same game. However, the realm of valor used to be the name of this game before it was eventually changed. 

Where can I stream Arena of Valor? 

You can stream Arena of Valor on Twitch and Youtube, as there are several channels dedicated to showing the games. Finding the right twitch or Youtube channel is quite easy.